Butterfly Enamel Bookmark

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The perfect reading accessory for any nature lover. This illustrated Monarch Butterfly bookmark features a metal clip to save your place in style! In many cultures, butterflies are believed to be closely connected to the spiritual world. For some, seeing a butterfly means the spirit of a lost loved one is near. This is most clearly seen in the traditions in Mexico and the Día de Muertos. This is why the symbolism is especially strong when related to Monarchs – whether you are from Mexico or elsewhere. ~ This bookmark was designed in memory of my Mother Robin Barnes. *Please consider shopping using my direct link, thank you! 👉🏽 https://pineapplesundays.faire.com DETAILS • 5.75" x 0.875"
 • Metal Clip to attach to any page • Gorgeous Hard Enamel • High Polished Gold Base with Logo printed on the back • Illustrated by Lauren-Ashley Barnes • Packaged on a flat card in a clear cello bag  • SKU: EBM-009 ©Pineapple Sundays Design Studio 2022